The Young Savages presents a highly revealing up close and personal look at the young rock stars of climbing like you've never seen them before! Packed with marvelous large-format photographs, this book tells the backstory of some of the world's top young adult and teenage climbers, known for pushing the limits and occasionally causing a stir with their incredible ascents. Over a two-year period, adventure photographer Claudia Ziegler accompanied some of these youngsters to document not just how they climb, but who they are and how they live off the rock. She has created intimate portraits that give insight into the daily lives of these impassioned climbers, including how they train, socialize, recreate, and relax at home. This magnificently illustrated hard cover book contains portraits of Adam Ondra, Matilda Söderlund, Johanna Ernst, Alexander Megos, Brooke & Shawn Raboutou, Cameron & Jonathan Hörst, Ashima Shiraishi, Shauna Coxsey, Melissa Le Neve and Domen Skofic.


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